CHICAGO (CBS) — Tim Ryan is a recovering heroin addict and even lost one of his sons to the drug.

Since then, he’s worked tirelessly to help others struggling with addiction.

“Man in Recovery Foundation” book cover (Photo courtesy of Tim Ryan)

“I see a lot of death. I’ve been to 109 funerals. I’ll attend my 110th this Saturday, but I also see the people that turn their lives around too,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s “Man in Recovery Foundation” is now the subject of a new reality show on the A&E Network.

“It’s called Dope Man. Last summer we filmed for a month straight. It’s basically a docu series on the day in the life of me. People don’t really understand what’s going on in the world of addiction. It’s not just the opioids, it’s alcohol, it’s cocaine. I deal predominantly with people who use opioids, heroin addiction, but you’re going to get a view on the show,” Ryan said.

Tim and Max Ryan (WBBM/Lisa Fielding)

His son Max Ryan is also on the show.

“I’m his driver. I get to drive around full time with my Dad, helping people in anyway I can,” he said. “I grew up with this addiction with my dad. One thing I learned being here, is how much this drug does not discriminate. It’s doctors, lawyers, from the outhouse to the White House,” said Max Ryan.

Tim Ryan is the subject of a new reality show on A&E (Credit: Facebook/Tim Ryan From Dope to Hope)

Tim Ryan said he hopes to show viewers first hand the tragic truth about the opioid addiction and how many people are dying every day, but who are also getting help and recovering.

“It’s pretty cutting edge, it’s heart wrenching, it’s totally unscripted, but people will see what goes on in this world,” he said. “This drug is destroying a generation.”

Ryan was featured in last year’s series on WBBM Generation Heroin.

“Dope Man” premieres on A&E on July 31 after “Intervention”.