CHICAGO (CBS) — Dozens of people who went to Lollapalooza Saturday came with their cell phones, but left without them.

Chicago Police detained a suspect, who was found to have 60 cell phones in his backpack. The male offender was interviewed, but no charges were filed, Chicago Police said, as they could not obtain complaints from victims.

A girl from Wheaton lost her phone at Lolla on Day 3, when Chicago-native Chance the Rapper was the headliner.

“It was right in my right pocket of, like, a windbreaker. I zipped it up, went back to go get it, and it wasn’t there,” she said.

Police have returned all of the phones to Lollapalooza’s lost and found. If you didn’t get to that tent on Day 4, you can search their database and submit a claim.

At last check, there were 679 items on it.