(CBS) — Chicagoans appear to be taking in stride the possible threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

WBBM talked with a handful of people in the Loop about rising tensions with Leader Kim Jong-Un.

Some are chalking up comments between President Donald Trump and him as two leaders talking tough.

One woman who lives in Auburn Gresham says many Chicagoans are used to threats and violence.

A suburban man says he doubts North Korea has the technology to launch a missile far enough to hit Chicago.

Kirsten served in the Army as a nurse for a dozen years and says the president should be working on de-escalating the situation like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is doing, instead of saying “whatever his id tells him to say.”

Roberta Mezinskas from Bridgeport has faith that cooler heads among President Trump’s military and diplomatic leadership will prevail.

She’s also recommends praying for the country and the president.