(CBS) — An online flower shop that’s based in Chicago is asking potential customers to answer a question about their politics. If they don’t give the right answer they can keep their money.

WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.

The pop-up comes on the screen before you can order flowers from Flowers for Dreams.

It says: “Do you condemn racism, Nazism, and white nationalism?”

If yes – then customers may proceed.

If no – then people are automatically redirected to the U.S. Holocaust Museum website.

“For me, it’s pretty personal. I am the grandson of Holocaust survivors,” Flowers for Dreams co-founder Steven Dyme says.

“But we want to make it known that we don’t want their money.”

Dyme says he’s gotten positive feedback from people who already know his business — those who have already bought into the business model of a percentage of flower sales helping certain causes.

As this story has gone national, Dyme says there’s been some trolling.