CHICAGO (CBS) — Striking auto mechanics will be back on the picket lines later on Monday after they rejected the latest contract proposal.

It was a strong no-vote on Saturday to the New Car Dealer Committee’s latest offer. What they want now is to get back to the negotiating table to talk about pay. WBBM’s Michele Fiore reports.

Sam Cicinelli is speaking on behalf of Automobile Mechanics Union Local 701.

“I notified the federal mediator as well as the dealer attorney minutes after the vote and I basically said I am ready at any time to sit down to try and get this resolved,” Cicinelli said.

Mechanics have been on strike since Aug. 1 and it is affecting more than just new car dealerships.

“We work on vehicles for UPS, and trucking – Penske, Ryder, fork lift companies. We have a multitude of members we represent,” he said.

Cicinelli said on the other side, the New Car Dealer Committee is reportedly meeting with its people later Monday. Compensation is the sticking point.

“What they are asking for is to narrow the gap to get closer to getting paid for the 40 hours,” he said.

The way the system’s presently set up, mechanics feel they’re putting in too many hours for free.