CHICAGO (CBS) — Striking auto mechanics at the 129 new car dealers in the Chicago-area have no plans for contract talks. But both sides are making sure the public knows their sides of the story.

Members of Mechanics Union Local 701 rejected the latest contract offer from new car dealers earlier this week.

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Chicago Automobile Trade Association lead negotiator Dave Radelet called reporters on Wednesday to his Wacker Drive office to outline some of the hurdles standing in the way of a settlement with the mechanics. WBBM’s Jim Gudas reports.

One is how to pay apprentice mechanics and help them progress. Another is allowing dealers to schedule non-consecutive days off for some mechanics.

“The union has proposed to eliminate the dealers’ ability to schedule workers for evening hours, weekend hours where the consumers have a high demand for our services,” Radelet said.

The union wants a guaranteed 40-hour workweek, better schedules and higher apprentice wages.

Both sides say they are ready to keep talking, but no new talks are scheduled.