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Chicago is a major American destination. The food, the history, the neighborhoods and the diverse people make the Windy City an undeniable world-class town. With such a vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that the same holds true for Chicago’s small business community. The city’s small businesses are booming — and here are the top four reasons why.



There are endless resources in Chicago to help small business owners achieve their goals. A major metropolitan city, Chicago is home to countless talented and experienced professionals at the top of their fields. In addition to its top-tier workforce, the city has a large amount of useful and relevant information regarding running a small business that is easily accessible. Small business owners can visit the City of Chicago website to find support and information that will help them achieve success with their small business.


Market Size

The greater Chicago area has a population of over 9 million people, and the city is also home to almost 500 corporate headquarters.  There are approximately 5 million people working in greater Chicago. One of the key reasons that small businesses are experiencing growth in Chicago is due in part to the city’s extremely diverse and strong economy.  Chicago is ranked as the No. 1 city for economic diversity by the WBC (World Business Chicago). Small business owners can tailor their products and/or services to just about any market including health, manufacturing, transportation, education, financial services, IT, retail, government, auto, and more.


B2B (Business-To-Business)

As the native large corporations in Chicago continue to grow, that growth cascades down to their local small business supply chain partners. The large corporations typically source many of their components and materials from local small business partners. The proximity of the small business partner in Chicago has tremendous value and benefit to these corporations.



Chicago is a major destination for annual industry trade-shows.  Housewares, restaurant and manufacturing trade shows (just to name a few) are held in Chicago every year. These shows give the small business owners opportunities to meet and network with potential customers  In addition, there are a number of small business forums where ideas and success stories are routinely shared among the small business community.


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