(CBS) — A 46-year-old woman who spent almost decade behind bars before her conviction was overturned is now suing suburban police because she says she was railroaded into prison for the death of a child in her care.

“I’ve been through a lot, the decade I went to prison. I had never been arrested in my life, besides maybe a traffic ticket,” Jennifer Del Prete said Thursday.

She stood with her two children — now 20 and 28 — and talked about her time in prison.

“I’ve been raped. I’ve had my nose broke twice by inmates,” she said.

Del Prete has had her freedom for three years, after questions were raised about prosecutors withholding evidence that would’ve benefited her case.

Now she is suing two suburbs and police officers and a doctor whom she says ignored evidence medical evidence and instead was concerned about supporting the prosecution’s case.

“I’m hoping we can get some justice and I could be proud to be in America and know that, although we can’t get our time back that we missed, I would just like to feel like I was acknowledged.”

Del Prete has always maintained her innocence in the 2003 death of a baby in her care.