CHICAGO (CBS) — Indiana elected officials, environmentalists and representatives of EPA workers are raising alarms about the Trump Administration’s proposed cuts to the agency.

“I played on this very beach,” said Karen Freeman-Wilson, Gary Mayor, of the city’s Marquette Park, as she recalled stepping over dead fish when she was a kid. “The reason that we have a pristine beach is because of the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).”

Michael Mikulka, the President of the union representing Midwest EPA workers, suggests if the Administration has its way there will be all sorts of problems, including, “attacks on our children’s nervous stems, livers and kidneys, and increases in cancer rates.”

Wilson says you can be both, pro-business as well as pro-environment. “I don’t buy the either or scenario. There is a clear effort to lower the standard.”

Mikulka said industry has learned to coexist with environmental standards.