(CBS) – As more flights arrive in Chicago from Houston, we continue to hear stories from those who experienced the wrath of Hurricane Harvey.

Former Bulls player Isaiah Canaan was one of the passengers on the United flight that arrived at 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

“I’ve never seen it rain days straight, sunup to sundown,” he said. “Once it started, I was waiting to see when it was going to stop.”

His girlfriend shot images showing the aftermath in the neighborhood in which they own a home. It is 20 minutes south of downtown Houston.

“We had to sit around and be inside a couple days,” he says.

It was a similar experience for Erica Lee, a Houston resident now in Chicago visiting her sister.

“We couldn’t get anywhere for three or four days, and then we could finally get out,” Lee says.

For others, like Sonia Francis, her final destination was still distant.

She was trying to get to St. Louis, and planned on renting a car.

There are a few scheduled flights to Houston from Chicago. The Houston airports are starting to get back to normal. They may have full service by this weekend.

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