(CBS) — A trip to the beach may not be a day at the beach for your dog.  It’s just one of the many hazards for pet owners this Labor Day weekend.

WBBM’s Rob Hart reports.

“If you throw a tennis ball and they’re scooping it up off the beach, that sand on the ball they will swallow and that can cause an obstruction that impacts in the intestinal tract,” says Dr. Lori Ross of North Shore Veterinary Emergency Center in Highland Indiana.

Then there are the foods associated with the Labor Day weekend.

“We recently saw a dog that ate a Fudgsicle – popsicle stick and all,” she says.

Other problems include pancreatitis brought about by eating fatty foods and dogs eating whole corncobs.

If you bring your dog to a party, make sure the dog gets along with any other dogs.

Dr. Ross says she sees dogs after they get into fights.