CHICAGO (CBS) — About 100 actors and drummers auditioned Wednesday for a unique opportunity.

Blue Man Group announced last month that its casting department was holding an open call for auditions on Wednesday, Sept. 6 at the Briar Street Theatre, in celebration of the group’s 20 years at the venue.

“Blue Man Group is searching for talented individuals with the unique set of skills to be a Blue Man, including excellent acting and drumming and/or musical skills,” the release read. “There are currently more than 75 Blue Men all over the world. Blue Man Group’s open casting calls have been instrumental in finding the next generation of wide-eyed explorers of contemporary civilization.”

Blue Man Group paint drumming. (Credit: Blue Man Productions/Lindsey Best)

The open call on Wednesday had about 100 people came out to audition to become part of the show.

WBBM’s Mike Krauser visited the theatre to talk to the Blue Man hopefuls, lined up waiting for their turn to audition.

Among those lined up at the Briar Street Theater included Sam Kellogg.

“I want to be a vessel of joy. I want my life to be a testament to the deep love I have for humanity and what better way to live than to illuminate and bring whimsy,” she said.

Blue Man Group illuminating performance (Credit: Blue Man Productions/Lindsey Best)

Andrew Romano came to audition from Orlando.

“Take out the words and you’re using your hands and your eyes to communicate,” Romano said.

One big aspect of the show is drumming, specifically on PVC pipe. Romano, like several others WBBM spoke with said they have both acting and drumming experience.

He said he’s been training all his adult life for this role.

“It could be a happy accident or I could go home a hurricane-ruined Orlando, Florida.”

Blue Man Group drumming on PVC pipe. (Credit: Blue Man Productions/Lindsey Best)

WBBM also spoke with Garreth Hinsley, who has been a Blue Man for 11 years. He said there’s a subtlety to the acting.

“Very much so. We don’t ever pursue laughs in a traditional sense. We don’t tell a story in the traditional sense because there’s no words,” Hinsley said.

He said while although drumming, which he said he loves for the versatility, is part of it – but also nonverbal communication.

“Some people are able to be engaging and open and tell a story without words,” Hinsley said.

So are you curious what it takes to be a Blue Man? (Credit: Blue Man Productions/Lindsey Best)

So are you curious what it takes to be a Blue Man?

According to the entertainment company, a Blue Man performer has the “unique opportunity to utilize their artistic abilities in an exciting and dynamic experience unmatched by any other stage production.”

Blue Man Group encourages both male and females to audition.

Basic criteria for Blue Man performers include:
– Height between 5’10’’ and 6’2’’ (athletic build)
– Drumming skills and/or musicianship are an advantage, but a good sense of rhythm is a necessity
– Excellent acting skills. Strong candidates often have backgrounds in theater and improvisation. Candidates are compelling and genuine nonverbal storytellers. They must thrive in a constantly evolving team environment on and off the stage
– Willingness to relocate as the casting call helps to identify future Blue Men for existing and upcoming productions in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando.

For more information about ongoing Blue Man Group casting efforts, performers may visit