CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s called the Happy Garage: painted images on the side of a 20-by-30-foot garage – an art installation fixture in Ravenswood for five years. And now the owners are upset because someone vandalized it.

Ever since the Happy Garage artwork was installed at Winona and Ravenswood a few years ago, it’s gotten some attention.

“I always see, on a regular basis, people coming and taking photos. Some people post them on Instagram,” said owner Brian Westphal.

happy garage 2 Ravenswoods Happy Garage Art Installation Vanadalized

Brian Westphal, part owner of Happy Garage (WBBM/Steve Miller)

Brian Westphal and his husband Michael McVickar own the Happy Garage, an art installation portraying lots of hearts and personified hearts in many colors, painted by Chicago artist Chris Uphues.

Westphal said on Sunday morning at about 2 a.m., a group of people ripped off a piece of the art.

happy garage 5 Ravenswoods Happy Garage Art Installation Vanadalized

Two views of the vandalism at the Happy Garage. (WBBM/Steve Miller)

“Yeah, it’s just sad. I mean, just appreciate it. I don’t understand what anyone would get out of damaging something that looks so happy,” Westphal said.

Westphal has security video of the suspects and he’s contacted police.

happy garage surveillance images Ravenswoods Happy Garage Art Installation Vanadalized

Side-by-side surveillance images of the suspects who vandalized the Happy Garage. (Credit: EveryBlock)

“We have no expectation they’ll be caught, but we just want people to be aware it wasn’t something that was through age. It was a deliberate act.”

Westphal said hours later, a neighbor found the ripped piece of art in someone’s yard and placed it in Westphal’s yard.

More surveillance photos can be found on EveryBlock.