By Dan Bernstein — senior columnist

(CBS) Let’s pause our national conversation about peaceful protest of institutionalized racism for a moment to watch Cubs shortstop Addison Russell kick nachos all over a Cardinals fan.

We needed it, if only for a second. And I’m all for a Cubs player spilling something on somebody else every night until the end of the season, over three more nights in St. Louis and three games back at Wrigley. Pick the concession item of choice and the unlucky recipient and have at it, spraying mustard or salsa over whatever. Get it sponsored by some laundry detergent and create new ad inventory. And as an added bonus, any fan referencing RBI or pitching wins as an indicator of individual ability gets singled out to get jalapeños placed in his eyes.

Russell himself rebounded from his cheesy adventure to follow the Cardinals’ lead in presenting the fan with a new plate of nachos and taking a selfie with him in front of his seat down the left-field line.

And of course Jon Lester was weird about it, because Jon Lester is weird. His thought on the fan receiving such attention after the collision?

“I guess that shows you where our our society is at,” he said.

It does? OK.

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