(CBS) The Cubs have accomplished their first step toward defending their championship.

They’re back in the playoffs. Chicago sealed that berth and the NL Central crown with a 5-1 win at St. Louis on Wednesday night. So, what are the Cubs’ odds of repeating as World Series champions?

The Cubs have a 11.5 percent chance to win another title, according to FanGraphs, which also gives them a 30.7 percent shot to win the National League and a 57 percent chance to winning their matchup with the Nationals. The Indians are the favorites at 24 percent, followed by the Astros at 20.1 percent.

FiveThirtyEight pegs the Cubs with a similar number to win the World Series: 10 percent. The Indians are the favorites at 28 percent, followed by the Dodgers at 17 percent.

Baseball Prospectus gives Chicago 9.1 percent odds to win the championship. The Indians are the favorites to win the World Series at 22.4 percent, followed closely by the Dodgers at 21.7 percent.