(CBS) After clinching the NL Central with a win over the Cardinals on Wednesday night, the Cubs had a champagne shower in their locker room, then many retreated to their St. Louis hotel to keep celebrating as a team on the deck.

Later into the night — or should we say the wee hours of Thursday — some of the Cubs kept partying after that at the casino, where they took over a few blackjack tables to mixed results.

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“We had several guys pretty late at the casino trying to win some money back,” right-hander Jake Arrieta said in an interview on the Bernstein and Goff Show on Thursday afternoon.

One of them was first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who had to turn to good friend Kris Bryant for some financial help.

“Rizzo owes KB money,” Arrieta said. “KB was kind of the bank last night. I think Rizzo had a tough one. He owes me some money. We’re going to have to settle our debts once we get to the field.”

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The Cubs at the casino pushed it to the limit “with either beverages or with chips,” Arrieta said.

“I left most of mine at the casino,” he added. “I’m not very happy about it.”

It’s been well-documented that Bryant, the reigning National League MVP, doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke. As he often says, his preferred Friday night is watching Netflix, but Arrieta confirmed Bryant is fond of the tables when hanging out with teammates.

“He plays blackjack,” Arrieta said. “He was down there the whole time I was down there. I think he was doing all right.

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“We got to find KB a couple hobbies. But he’s a good kid, keeps his nose clean.”