CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Cubs sent much-needed supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico on Friday.

An American Airlines flight carried 10 generators, a case of batteries and 30 cases of water donated by the Cubs as cargo on its first flight to San Juan since Hurricane Maria hit the island last week.

“It’ll be a great help,” American spokeswoman Candice Grose said. “I’ve talked to a couple of team members here, front-line team members who are Puerto Rican, and they have family there and they were happy that we are working together to help those out in need.”

The airline is delivering relief supplies to Puerto Rico whenever it can, Grose said, realizing for now it can’t deliver as much as it would like.

“Right now, I can tell you we’ve just been sending things in and kind of pacing ourselves, just kind of not overload,” she said. “Just kind of not overloading, especially with the state that they’re in.”

Airline service to and from the island has been slow to recover after Maria. American was the first commercial airline to resume service to Puerto Rico after the storm and has continued working with island and federal authorities to restore regular service as quickly as possible.

United Airlines also has sent supplies to Puerto Rico on flights from Chicago and other cities and brought back people stranded by the storm.

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