By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — Four people have been arrested for robbing a father and son at gunpoint Sunday afternoon outside their home in north suburban Lincolnwood.

Sonali Soni helped police catch the four robbers by providing a description of the suspects who held up her father and brother.

“I freaked out, called the cops, and then they got caught,” she said.

Police said Soni’s father and brother were getting into their car outside the house when they were confronted by four men, one armed with a handgun. The robbers demanded their wallets, cell phones, and a backpack; and the man with the gun also took their car keys, and the suspects took their car and fled the scene.

The robbers left a knife at the scene.

A few minutes later, police spotted the stolen car a block away, and took the four men inside into custody. The victims identified the men as their robbers. Officers also found a gun and additional evidence in a nearby trash can.

Soni said her father and brother were a bit shaken up, but unharmed after the robbery.

“I’m a little shaken up right now,” she said. “I’m scared now, because now this is just a red flag that something like this could possibly happen again.”

Neighbors also were on high alert after the attempted armed robbery

“Seems unusual, Sunday afternoon, atttmepted robbery,” Bill Whiteside said.

Adam Silverstein said he has heard about other robberies on the street in the last few months.

Most of the stolen items have been returned to the victims.

Charges had not been filed against the suspects as of late Sunday night.

Charlie De Mar