CHICAGO (CBS) — Mundelein has banned religious symbols near the village’s Christmas tree.

A Mundelein resident asked that a menorah, which Jews use to celebrate Hanukkah, be placed near the village’s Christmas tree in Kracklauer Park.

Joyce Lee wrote a letter to the Daily Herald urging the board to approve the menorah placement.

“I just think it would be nice to represent all the people. I think that if somebody wanted to put up – if there is a Muslim, or a Kwanzaa thing they want to put up – I don’t have a problem with that either. I think that is represents people,” she said.

The request led to a vigorous debate on social media, as well as an official community survey that found most Mundelein residents don’t want religious symbols on public property.

The village board voted to reject the request for the menorah. A Christmas tree was deemed not religious by the village.