CHICAGO (CBS) — While superstitious for some, it’s a tattoo lovers holiday: Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day to most in the Western hemisphere. It occurs when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. The event occurs at least once every year, and sometimes up to three times a year. In 2017, it occurs twice, on January 13 and October 13.

What makes this year extra special is that the date falls on a Friday in October, boosting the spookiness surrounded by the date.

Many tattoo parlors around the U.S. try to cash in on the “holiday” by offering discounts on select tattoo designs, some even offer “killer” deals with $13 tattoos.

The designs usually feature superstitious, sometimes Halloween-inspired objects, such as the number 13, black cats, skulls, coffins and more – again making this year’s second Friday the 13th even better since it falls close to Halloween. These are usually pre-designed on a flash sheet, a poster containing the tattoo design specials.

Many Chicago-area tattoo shops are running specials for the day, week or month to celebrate. Here are 13 parlors where you can permanently mark yourself with a memento of the (un)lucky date.

1. ChiTown Tattoo, 5056 W Lawrence Ave: ChiTown Tattoo right off the Lawrence exit on I-90 is offering pages of designs for Friday the 13th. On Friday, guests can choose one of the pre-designed images for $50 or they can bring their own as long as it’s smaller than 2 inches. The shop will not accept appointments for the date, so it’s first-come, first-serve.

2. Chicago State Tattoo, 833 N Western Ave: This shop in the Ukrainian Village is offering $31 tattoo specials for Friday the 13th. They are offering multiple choices on flash sheets or said guests can customize their idea as well. Friday will be first-come, first-serve.

3. Dream City Tattoo, 2376 N Neva Ave: Dream City Tattoo, located between Elmwood Park and Montclare is celebrating their 6 year anniversary on Friday – which just so happens to also be Friday the 13th. The shop is hosting a horror themed meet-and-greet art show, introducing the shops 12+ tattoo artists. The artists will also be tattooing Friday the 13th tattoos on site. Dream City Tattoo is offering $13 dollar tattoos specials, with a mandatory $7 dollar tip “for good luck,” the shop said. As a bonus at the event, those who come in costume will receive a 10 percent off discount on a $100 tattoo and the best costume will receive a 25 percent off discount on a $150 tattoo.

4. Jade Dragon, 5331 W Belmont Ave: Jade Dragon, one of the most well-known tattoo parlors in Chicago, is taking part in Friday the 13th. They are offering select Halloween-themed images for $31, plus a $9 tip ($40). The shop is also offering $13 Piercings with a $7 tip ($20). Guests can choose from one of our pre-drawn designs or bring in their own.

5. The Hard Core Element Tattoo Shop, 3265 S Archer Ave: This shop in McKinley Park is offering $13 tattoos. Guests are welcome to any design, but that tattoo must fit in a 3X3 inch space, have a limit of two colors and not be too detailed. The Hard Core Element Tattoo Shop will be open from noon till whenever the line stops on Friday.

6. Head 2 Toe Tattoos, 3008 W Lawrence Ave: Head 2 Toe Tattoos in Albany Park is running a variety of specials in honor of Friday the 13th. Depending on size, guests can get a tattoo ranging from $13 to $66.60 (get it, 666). Flash sheet pages will be available for guests to choose from.

7. Krol Body Art, 2105 W Belmont Ave: Head to the North Side and score your discounted Friday the 13th tattoo at Krol Body Art. The shop’s artist Nicole is offering $31 tattoos from pre-designed flash sheets. Images can’t be altered in any way in terms of time. It is first-come, first-served. No appointments can be made for this event. There will be a sign up sheet and the shop asks that guests have their favorite design already picked out by the time their name is called.

8. Mind Crusher Tattoo, 6705 N. Clark St: Mind Crusher Tattoo, in Rogers Park was started to give people, who normally couldn’t afford to get great tattoos, a chance for them. The shop offers daily tattoo specials. Friday’s special is $300 tattoos for $150 and $200 for $80! They are also running a $31 Halloween sale through Oct. 31.

9. Pink Rhino Tattoo & Body Piercing, 3519 N Halsted St: This tattoo shop has been known to see some celebrities. Pink Rhino Tattoo & Body Piercing in Lakeview is throwing a Friday the 13th event. “Six times before you’ve witnessed the chaos, known the madness, felt the pain, but once again this is the event you’ve been waiting for,” the shop said. The event will offer $31 tattoos (plus tip) and piercings (waist up, no dermals). It is first-come, first-served.

10. Tattoo Factory, 4441 N Broadway St: Back by popular demand, Tattoo Factory is offering discounted Halloween-themed tattoos. Any design from the flash sheets are $50. And as a bonus, they are offering $10 off piercings if you mention their Facebook post. The special is first-come, first-serve and walk-in only.

11. Tattoo Candy, 3460 N Pulaski Rd: Not just for Friday the 13th, but for the entire month of October, Tattoo Candy is offering flash tattoos for $100. The pre-designed tattoos include skulls, girls and graves. Guests can choose just black or with one additional color. More color or placement somewhere besides legs and arms with have an additional fee. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome.

12. Taylor Street Tattoo, 1150 W Taylor St: A popular spot to get inked in Little Italy, Taylor Street Tattoo is holding a 24-hour tattoo marathon from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday. The marathon is offering $20 tattoos featuring the number 13 in them. There are multiple flash sheets with designs to choose from. You cannot bring your own design. And if you want the tattoo without the 13? Then you’ll pay the full $60 shop minimum. “That’s the point,” the shop said. Tattoos are walk-ins only, no appointments will be accepted.

Outside of Friday the 13th, Taylor Street Tattoo is offering an October special with $31.00 + a $9 tip! ($40) Halloween tatoos from Oct. 1 throught Oct. 31, with the exception of Friday, Oct. 13. There is a flash sheet for the month and the shop is only tattooing these on arms, legs or backs. Walk-ins only.

13. Twisted Tattoo Studio, 4168 N Elston Ave: Twisted Tattoo Studio in Irving Park is offering multiple specials to celebrate Friday the 13th. The shop will have $13 tattoos with a $7 tip; $31 tattoos with a $9 tip; and $20 standard, $30 intricate, and $50 exotic piercings. No appointments will be accepted. There will be a sign in sheet as soon as you walk in. No exceptions in the designs except removing the number 13.

$13 flash sheet. (Twisted Tattoo Studio)

$31 flash sheet. (Twisted Tattoo Studio)