CHICAGO (CBS) — A Canadian folk music group lost a truckload of equipment when their pickup was stolen in Wicker Park over the weekend.

Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum have been touring together the past five years as Kacy and Clayton.

The cousins from rural Saskatchewan were making their way from Utah to Ontario over the weekend, when the pickup truck they were using to haul their gear was stolen after Anderson parked it in the 1900 block of West Schiller.

“In the truck? Pretty much everything that a band would have,” Linthicum said.

In a Facebook post, the band said the truck is a White 2014 GMC High Country with a white box topper and Saskatchewan license plate 530 GZA.

Linthicum said it’s a wonder nothing’s happened before now.

“I think we all thought that someday we’d get robbed, but I didn’t think we’d get robbed like this, because we were traveling in a vehicle that really did not resemble a typical band’s rig,” he said. “It wasn’t a van or anything. It was Kacy’s parents’ truck. It just looked like a truck you’d see a high-end farmer driving around in southern Saskatchewan.”

They filed a police report, but Linthicum said “I’m not so hopeful.”

Still, the tour will go on, after the recording studio of the Chicago band Wilco let them borrow some equipment.

“Very lucky that this all happened to us in Chicago because the generous people of Wilco and the Loft have fixed us up with enough gear to finish the tour,” Linthicum said.

Linthicum said Kacy and Clayton will be performing in Chicago on November 5, at Schubas Tavern.

Their latest album, The Siren’s Song, was recorded at the Loft, and was produced by Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy.