CHICAGO (CBS) — A rift over a Renoir involving President Trump.

Trump biographer and New York Times business reporter Tim O’Brien says the President has often told him he owns the famous painting “Two Sisters (On the Terrace)” by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste  Renoir.

But O’Brien has often told Mr. Trump he’s mistaken. And what’s on his wall is not the real deal.

O’Brien tells Vanity Fair’s “Inside the Hive” podcast the one and only original painting is hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago.

The painting was owned by Mrs. Lewis Lanerd (Annie Swan) Coburn. Her husband Lewis, a patent attorney, was one of the founders of the Union League Club of Chicago.

After he died in 1910, Mrs. Coburn began to collect art, including French Impressionist paintings. Mrs. Coburn moved into the Blackstone Hotel Apartments where paintings lined the walls of her home. She died in 1932. Coburn left the Renoir and more than 100 works to the Art Institute.

O’Brien grew up in Chicago and says he knows the painting well. A spokesperson for the Art Institute will only confirm the painting is part of its permanent collection and won’t comment any further.

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