CHICAGO (CBS) — Followers on Twitter are usually not a big deal, but one fried-chicken chain created a well-crafted joke using it’s following.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, specializes in fried chicken made with a special recipe comprised of 11 herbs and spices.

Now they did not go and tell Twitter what those 11 herbs and spices are. Instead they decided to use it as a joke and see who, if any, would catch on.

KFC decided to only follow 11 people on Twitter – the five Spice Girls and six random guys named Herb.

Get it? 11 herbs and spices? Pretty clever.

Check out the list here,

Well one Sioux Falls mall cracked the code and unveiled the joke on his own Twitter page.

Yeah, we all need time to process this.

Not only did it blow people’s minds, but it kinda blew up Twitter. Many people are responding to the news by saying the person behind the post deserves a raise.

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