CHICAGO (CBS) — A tragic fire took the life of a four-year-old boy, but he lives on thanks to organ donation.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole spoke to the Gary family who knows their young boy was able to pass on the gift of life.

Danthony Fryerson was a vibrant four-year old, his family cannot forget.

“He was smart at 2-years old. He knew how to spell his name,” said mother, Carrietta Fryerson.

They also know he lives on.

“Three people he saved. Three amazing people have my son’s organs,” she said.

There are so many tragic moments surrounding Danthony’s last days, starting with a fire last December in his grandmother’s Gary home, where he suffered severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

“They said he is definitely fighting, but they did not know how much he could take,” Fryerson said.

It was not much, and the family knew he would have to come off life support.

“I would have made the decision to donate organs, but I was taking time to process,” said father, Deshannon Fryerson.

But a year-old California girl, whose liver was failing needed Danthony’s help immediately.

“A little girl’s life was taking a turn for the worse and she wouldn’t make it for another couple of days,” Carrietta Fryerson said.

That’s when Carrietta and Deshannon Fryerson made the toughest decision of their lives, to allow Danthony to pass so they could pass on his organs, not just to the little girl, but two other children.

“I wouldn’t want a parent to go through that. I wouldn’t want anyone, especially a parent,” Fryerson said.

Danthony’s gifts did not end there. The same day her son died, Carrietta gave birth to a little girl.

“That told me, mommy I am still here with you and I am going to show you I am still here,” Fryerson said.

Today Danthony’s parents were reunited with the rescue crews who helped save his four siblings, as his parents encouraged other families facing these difficult moments to remember organ donation.

“It shows me that he is not gone. He’s gone physically, but spiritually and emotionally he is still here,” said.

The Fryersons have since moved to St. Louis where Danthony’s mother manages a furniture store. They returned to Gary this weekend to mark what would have been his fifth birthday with their family.

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