(CBS) Brian Scalabrine’s two-year stint with the Bulls didn’t produce gaudy personal statistics, as he averaged 1.1 points in 46 games in Chicago.

What it did produce was the moniker of “White Mamba,” which Bulls fans tabbed the crowd favorite with. And now five years after Scalabrine’s playing career ended with the Bulls, his legend in Chicago remains strong.

So strong that the team’s top rookie showed deference to him.

Prior to choosing his No. 24 jersey after being selected seventh overall by the Bulls in the draft in June, rookie Lauri Markkanen asked Scalabrine permission to wear No. 24. No one had worn it since Scalabrine retired in 2012.

Markkanen has proved worthy of wearing the No. 24, as he’s off to a strong start and starting at power forward. He’s averaging 16.3 points and 9.3 rebounds in the first three games. Markkanen also has become the first player in NBA history to hit 10 3-pointers in his first three career games.