CHICAGO (CBS) — A few weeks ago, a Chicago area family had no place to call home and was living in a shelter.

However, now, they’re set to live in a beautifully-furnished apartment thanks to Humble Design, a non-profit organization helping families transitioning out of homeless shelters.

“It’s more than just furnishing a home and giving pieces of furniture. What we’re furnishing is love and dignity,” said Kristin Drutchas, who’s with the Detroit-based organization.

Wednesday evening, Humble Design will help a once homeless mom, Angel Gaines, and her four young children get back on their feet.

VG: “What did your life look like a few months ago?”

Gains: “I was pretty much house-to-house, because me finding an actual place for my kids — it wasn’t really looking too good.”

“What people don’t know is a lot of times they get in, and all they have is a garbage bag full of clothing,” Drutchas said.

Professional designers measure out and then create magazine-worthy living spaces. The donated items often come from companies who can’t afford to store them any longer.

Drutchas said, “We’re a conduit that’s just helping move resources from people that need to get it out, to people that are desperately in need for it.”

Outbursts of joy echoed at every turn when Angel, her family and friends toured their made-over spaces.

“My kids, they can go to school and go to daycare with more confidence,” she said.

VG: “How are you feeling inside?”

Gains: “I am all over the place right now; I feel happy, ecstatic, I want to cry.”

Humble Design finds its families by working with organizations such as Catholic Charities. It began operating in Chicago last March and, since June, they’ve helped one family a week move into a stylish new home.