CHICAGO (CBS) – Just days ago, he was walking out of prison for the first time in almost 30 years.

On Thursday, he is home enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and you can bet Arthur Brown is feeling very thankful.

He went to prison in the 80’s, convicted for setting a deadly fire, but Brown was release this month.
CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar was there when he celebrated his first Thanksgiving at home in decades.

Twenty-nine years of unanswered prayers and missed Thanksgivings, thankful does not even begin to describe Arthur Brown’s journey to this dinner table.

“I missed so much these past 29-and-a-half years,” Brown said.

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Arthur Brown, released from Cook County Jail, celebrates Thanksgiving with family (CBS)

In 1988, Brown, a neighborhood handyman, was arrested after a suspicious fire ripped through a South Side video store killing two people. Brown said he was beaten into a confession and sentenced to life.

Just over a week ago, Brown walked free. The State’s Attorney dropped his case for evidentiary issues.

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“I don’t have time to be bitter because I’m thinking about my family,” Brown said.

You will not find resentment or a bitter taste on Arthur Brown’s plate this Thanksgiving – just some turkey and a cake welcoming dad home. The 66-year old was finally able to take back his seat at the table.

While in prison, Brown did receive a second trial after another man came forward and confessed to starting the fire, but the jury was not convinced and found Brown guilty again. But on Thursday night, that is all behind Brown as he ate pretty well and most importantly with family.