STRAWBERRY PLAINS, Tenn. (CBS) — A 10-year-old boy in Tennessee has something very special on his Christmas list – nothing.

It has been Houston Leadbetter’s holiday tradition for years and he has made sure Santa knows.

“I want nothing for Christmas. I want every kid to have a present instead of me,” Houston’s Christmas list read.

Every year, Houston and his grandma take gift baskets to local charities. This year Houston is collecting shoes to donate to those who would otherwise go without.

“It’s really fun because everybody else gets something they don’t have and I can help out the community with stuff they need,” Houston said.

Houston’s father told CBS Knoxville that reading his son’s letter was a special moment for him, as he knew his son recognized the importance of giving.

“I was proud,” said Leadbetter. “I was happy. I teared up.”

And rest assured when Houston looks under the tree on Christmas, dad will make sure there is something for him.

“He’ll still get stuff for Christmas,” said Leadbetter. “He’s a good kid, he’s done great in school this year, and I’m very very proud of him.”

But Houston said the best gift is just knowing other people are happy.