CHICAGO (CBS) — Buritt Bulloch has been frying up donuts for the 45 years in the Roseland neighborhood.

He’s the owner of Old Fashioned Donuts, located at 112th and South Michigan.

donuts Made In Chicago: Old Fashioned Donuts

(Credit: Old Fashioned Donuts/Facebook)

“I really found out that everybody loved donuts and I just stayed with donuts, you know? And it gives me a chance to work for myself,” says Bulloch.

What sets his tasty treats apart from other, well known donut establishments?

“I make my own glaze from scratch,” says Bulloch. “When the glaze hits their mouth, man that brings them back.”

He remembers when he began making his deep fried creations.

“Starting out it was fun. To be in that kitchen, cutting out donuts, frying them and people lined up to buy them.”

Bulloch says after a few years it started to be work. But he was motivated.

And customers are still lining up.

“We make them all day long. On Saturday we can’t keep up. Everything we put glaze on, they never have time to drain. They put them in the box and they’re gone.”

It’s now a family affair. Bulloch’s two daughters and a granddaughter are among his employees.

“I’m 79-years-old. Everyday I get up at the same time. I’m here at 6:00 in the morning.”

Old Fashioned Donuts in Roseland. Made in Chicago.