CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents fought Thursday morning to go inside a South Side elementary school as health inspectors checked for rodents. Instead they were kept outside and anger escalated.

“We will shut this school down, we will shut this school down today,” they shouted.

Local school council members thought they would be able to tour the school at 8 a.m. Thursday with health inspectors, as they did on Monday, but that is not how the morning went. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory has more on the story from Mollison Elementary School.

Earlier today Ald. Pat Dowell says she’s upset about the situation. She answered questions about what was being done to clean up the school.

LISTEN: Authorities and parents are beyond frustrated that Mollison has again failed a rodent inspection.

“They’ve cleared out about eight dumpsters of clutter, paper and trash that was in the school. They have brought in new shelving,” says Dowell. “They’ve caulked around windows and sealed holes. They’ve done a lot of work. I think the remaining droppings that were found by the inspection today are things that they clearly missed. And they shouldn’t have missed.”

LSC community member Cathy Dale tried to force her way into Mollison Elementary. She was taken to the hospital after a scuffle with security guards who told her only the LSC chair would be allowed inside.

CPS told CBS 2 they did not want a large group of adults to disrupt the school children. But some students did not attend class on Thursday after parents dropping them off witnessed the tense situation.

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The drama is boiling over from an issue in the headlines for more than a week. Pictures and video of rodents allegedly inside the Bronzeville school prompted Chicago Public School facilities managers to order exterminators.

A deep cleaning was suppose to take place over Thanksgiving break, but a report from Chicago’s Department of Public Health shows the inspector found almost 300 mice dropping in Pre-K classrooms, the library, staff lounge and more.

Despite Thursday morning’s tense exchange, LSC members are still hoping for good news, but will not necessarily accept it.

WATCHParents fight To Get Inside South Side School

“You can tell me anything. They told us before that it was clean, but we went in for the walk through and it wasn’t, so we need to know,” said Local School Council Vice Chair Danielle Lester. “We need to be able to go in and see for ourselves.”

As of Thursday afternoon, CBS 2 does not have the results of the inspection. Check back for updates.