CHICAGO (CBS) — As National Tax Security Awareness Week comes to an end, local and state officials have some tips.

Chances are you’ve gotten a call similar to this:

“It appears to be a legitimate call from the IRS. And then you get on the phone and there’s a very demanding individual who is telling you that you owe back taxes,” said Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

But there’s just one problem with that; “the IRS does not call you on the phone,” Madigan added.

With the holiday shopping season underway, and 2018 tax filing quickly approaching, those scams and cases of identity theft are on the rise.

President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois Steve Bernas says there’s a clear tip-off to a rip-off — anyone asking you to wire them money.

“They want quick payments. The only thing you need to pay for in 30 minutes is a pizza,” he said.