(CBS) On Monday, Bears receivers Josh Bellamy and Tre McBride engaged in a loud argument in the Halas Hall hallways.

By the end of the work day Tuesday, McBride no longer had a job, as the Bears waived him. The team didn’t shed much light on why, with coach John Fox citing a roster churn at this time of year for a 3-8 team searching for answers.

Bellamy also feigned ignorance about the situation, claiming he didn’t even know McBride had been cut until he arrived at Halas Hall on Wednesday. He then called the argument “brotherly love” and played coy.

There might be more to it than that. Quote tweeting a reporter’s note that Bellamy said arguments of this nature happen between “brothers,” former Bears safety Harold Jones-Quartey suggested late Thursday night that Bellamy pursued a teammate’s girlfriend.

When offered the chance to show empathy toward the released McBride on Wednesday, Bellamy had none.

“I don’t feel bad for nothing,” Bellamy said

Reminded that brothers don’t get each other fired, Bellamy responded: “He didn’t get fired, man. He’s just on relieve or something.”

Bellamy has 12 catches for 171 yards this season and is a key special teams contributor. He missed the game Sunday due to an injury. McBride had eight catches for 144 yards and played most of the snaps in the loss Sunday.

Jones-Quartey was released by the Bears in early September.