CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois’ senior senator says President Donald Trump is in full denial mode, now that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has admitted lying to the FBI in the Russia probe.

Senator Durbin says Gen. Flynn’s admission of guilt indicated others in the Trump campaign spoke with him about bringing the Russians into the 2016 campaign.

Durbin wonders aloud where the investigation is going and if it will be seen through to conclusion.

“Bob Mueller who’s the Special Counsel is a real professional. I trust him completely. And I believe he needs to be protected at this point,” says Durbin.

“My greatest fear is an attempt by the White House to interfere with Bob Mueller. To try to stop him or fire him. That to me would be a horrible thing to do. Unconstitutional and threaten the real underpinnings of our government.”

Durbin says the echoes of 1974 are becoming louder and louder.

He says firing Mueller would spark a Watergate-style constitutional crisis.