(CBS) — There are hundreds of missing persons in the state of Illinois, and officially two persons have been “found,” but without identities.

WBBM’s Steve Miller has Part 1 of a series on two men, each of whom is considered a John Doe.

Telling the story of a missing person is relatively easy because somebody can describe them and talk about their life.

Anne Bielby of Bolingbrook has a differed task. Several years ago, she started trying to tell the stories of people who have been “found.”

missing found John Doe Mystery: 2 Men Found, But Missing Their Identities

For now, these wards of the state go by Shannon Night, left, and Robert Rockefeller. But their real identities are not known. (Steve Miller/WBBM)

Her first reaction to the predicament was this: “They’re found, but we don’t know who they are?  And how can they be any less important than the missing?”

We know of two people in the state of Illinois who are officially listed as John Doe’s.

Who they are is a mystery — apparently even to them.

anne 2 John Doe Mystery: 2 Men Found, But Missing Their Identities

Anne Bielby is a forensic artist who’s been trying to help the two Illinois “John Doe’s” who have no identity. (Steve Miller/WBBM)

In these case, it’s their loved ones who are missing. Their friends and families are nowhere to be found.

“These people are just like your brothers or your sisters or anyone else, and we can’t make assumptions that they don’t have family somewhere that doesn’t want to find them,” Bielby says.

Next: Steve Miller introduces us to the two John Does.