CHICAGO (CBS) — The terrified mother of a little boy claims she was targeted and tormented by armed robbers on the Southwest Side Tuesday.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

The woman and her child are safe. Police say four armed men approached her as she got out of a vehicle near 54th and California in the Gage Park neighborhood. She reportedly was forced back into the car, as the young boy slept in the back seat.

The victim didn’t want to go on camera, but a family member says the men knew her name and apparently demanded money to settle a debt owned by her estranged husband.

At least two of the men were wearing bright reflective vests, according to the family member. He reportedly held a gun to her head until she gave up her wallet, phone and keys and home address.

Chicago police say the men left the car and proceeded to ransack the home but didn’t steal anything inside.