CHICAGO (CBS) — There is no word yet what caused two windows to shatter in the Lakeview neighborhood on Monday, but high winds are suspected.

Crews spent several hours Monday trying to clean up, after glass fell from a Lakeview high-rise apartment building, WBBM’s Michele Fiore reports.

Witnesses told WBBM there were people walking down Halsted, when glass fell around 9 a.m. some 14 stories onto the sidewalk and street below near Bradley Place. And clean up at The Flats at Halsted and Bradley Place was not easy. In fact, crews on a window-washer-type ledge trying to fix the broken windows, lost a hard hat as the wind blew it away.

On the ground, workers swept the sidewalk and the street. But, hours later, passersbys, like Benjamin Schwanke, were still finding little pieces of glass.

“Well we were walking by and more glass briefly fell, but they had it blocked off because like the whole window just came out,” he said.

It looked to be the outer layer of a double pane window from the 14th floor. A 12th floor window had a large hole in it too.

Modesto Rivera and his nephew live in one of two units at The Flats that were affected. He thinks his window on the 14th floor was the first to go.

“When our window broke, that chunk came down – what happened was they kind of ricocheted and they hit on the 12th floor and broke that window,” Rivera said.

Chicago police say there are no reports of injuries, and that it is incredible, considering what a busy block this is.