This is the third part in a series about two unique Illinois wards of the state: adult men who have no idea who they are.

(CBS) — “My name? Robert Rockefeller,” the man says.

WBBM asks: “Do you think your real name is Robert Rockefeller, or is that just the name you’ve adopted?

“That is a good question.”

He lives in a nursing home in Northlake.  Forensic artist Anne Bielby is trying to help him find out his identity.

rockefeller John Doe Mystery: For Now, He Goes By The Name Robert

A John Doe known as Robert Rockefeller, seated, is seen with his state guardian, Tam Tran. (Steve Miller/WBBM)

From his description, she has drawn a picture of what his mother might have looked like. His state guardian, Tam Tran, shows it to him.

“Does this individual look familiar to you at all?”

“That’s the way my mother and the woman next door used to fix their hair,” he says.

Tran says Robert mentioned he’d lived in Berwyn. So, they took a field trip.

“Harlem and Cermak. He recognized the building,” Tran says.

It became a dead end.

Tran has been guardian for both of Illinois’ John Doe’s: Robert Rockefeller and a man who goes by the name Shannon Night.

“I’ve had cases in the past — in hospitals — where there were John Doe’s for a couple of weeks. Then it eventually comes out. Prints come out. They’re able to identify them. Family members come forward.

“But these cases … no one.”

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