By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — She called police to report an intruder, but when they arrived, a North Side woman says the officers seemed nicer to him than they were to her.

It was captured on videotape, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

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A stranger was screaming outside Claudette Roper’s home late Thursday.

“I didn’t know if he had a weapon. I didn’t know if he was coming to rob us,” she says.

Her home security camera shows the stranger, moments earlier, hopping the fence. She immediately calls police.

“I said you need to get here in a hurry,” Roper says. “I’m afraid he’ll come in any second.”

Roper is relieved when police finally arrive, but when she expresses her anger at the man being at her home, she’s not happy with the officer’s response.

“He made a mistake. He’s not a burglar,” an officer says.

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Roper urges police to arrest the man.

“Because he trespassed, because he tried to break into my home,” she tells Tucker.

What further irritated Roper is how the police treated the intruder compared to how they treated her.

“They didn’t even frisk him until much later in the process,” she says. “Seems like they were more concerned about his feelings. None of them ever asked how I was doing.”

Police eventually escort the man to the squad car. But he was never arrested.

Chicago Police say Roper never filed a complaint. She says no one took her complaint or explained the process.

“What if he shows up at my home again?” she says. “Clearly, he’s been given a pat on the back and told this is OK.”

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Roper has since gone to the police station to file a complaint against the officers about the way she was treated.

Dorothy Tucker