CHICAGO (CBS) — Two years ago, two guys had a dream, a pamphlet and little more.

Today it became a reality and with help from many.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has their story from the Brighton Park neighborhood.

Bob Shea’s heart is reflecting on two years.

Those year include losing his best friend and building their combined dream.

“It’s a range of emotions and they’re all good,” says Shea.

Donated industrial space in Brighton Park is where dreams are made of.

“Bob gets it because he was here,” says his friend Ed Kane.

The first story begins in 2015.

Bob Shea and Ed Kane. Two guys with neurological disorders had a dream.

“And when you need, you need it. And when you get it, the whole world opens up to you,” says Kane.

Devices 4 the Disabled they thought. Repurposing wheelchairs, lifts and walkers. To work for others in need.

“It’s a huge effort by a lot of people, says Sue Kane, Ed’s wife. “And Ed was lucky enough to know them all.”

Ed died in 2016.

The redistribution center held a preview today. And already started giving away their donations.

Each wheelchair has donor with a story. And now will service a second generation.

The name over the door: Ed Kane. His picture greets people at the sign-in table.

“It’s a beautiful day not only because the sky is blue, but because Ed’s dream has come true.”

Devices 4 the Disabled is accepting and giving away donation to anyone in need, for free.

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