CHICAGO (CBS) — Something that happened this past weekend at Wrigleyville’s TBOX bar crawl nearly became a holiday disaster.

“Some horrible, no good, very rotten person defiled our Toys for Tots donation box,” according to the staff at Nisei Lounge, 3439 N. Sheffield Avenue.

Staff members surveyed the site after someone had gotten sick, ruining not only the donation box, but also all of its contents.

“We were sitting there looking at the mess, going, ‘Well, what are we going to do?'” Pat Odon said, who works for the neighborhood bar. “Hopefully karma will circle up with him,” he said, on the apparently intoxicated man responsible.

The bar said the man left before they could press charges , which “royally ticked” them off. Therefore, they decided to sell “karma tickets.” 100 percent of those ticket sales will be spent at locally-owned toy stores buying toys for the charity.

Odon says since announcing their “Toys for Tots box Good Karma fundraiser,” they have seen an outpouring of generosity. “Way more than we’ve had the last five years.”

The story of what happened was quickly posted to social media, Odon said. As a result, Nisei Lounge has gotten more than triple the number of toys it usually receives during Christmastime.

In under 24 hours, the Good Karma fundraiser has already raised $1,250.