CHICAGO (CBS) — Gov. Bruce Rauner’s latest digital campaign commercial takes another shot at Democratic candidate J.B. Pritzker, claiming he used insider’s clout to cut his property taxes.

“Madigan, Pritizker, Berrios: Insiders working the system at your expense,” the commercial, titled “Nightmare for Illinois,” begins. “Now J.B. Pritizker’s joining in, funneling cash to Madigan and getting property tax breaks on his mason from Berrios.”

“He rips toilets out a mansion he buys, and he saves himself $230,000, thanks to Berrios,” Rauner said. They’re totally in bed with each other and it’s wrong.”

But, has Rauner appealed his taxes, as well?

“We have not!” the governor said.

CBS 2 Political Reporter Derrick Blakley says Rauner did not, but the condo association for his Lakefront high-rise certainly did. Thus, Rauner benefited from the same system he has been known to call “corrupt,” by receiving hefty assessment reductions on his downtown penthouse.

  • In 2008, his assessment of $244,833 was cut by $94,745; 38 percent
  • In 2012, his assessment of $300,791 was cut by $22,776; 7.5 percent
  • In 2015, his assessment of $350,409 was cut by $65,854; an almost 19 percent reduction

Rauner’s reductions didn’t come from Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios; instead, they came from the Cook County Board of Review.

And although Gov. Rauner is calling for Berrios to resign, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not. “The voters decide whether somebody should stay or go — that’s what elections are about,” he said.

Often, taxes can increase even though as assessment is reduced. Therefore, it is hard to determine whether Rauner’s taxes actually went down. The point being — some of the same candidates who are criticizing the property tax system, also took advantage of it when they had the opportunity.