CHICAGO (CBS) — The alderman of Chicago’s sprawling 2nd Ward is looking for volunteers to join his “Snow Corps” and help shovel sidewalks when there are major snow events.

Alderman Brian Hopkins calls it “anti-dibs.” Dibs for the uninitiated is the practice of putting chairs, or cones, or junk from the garage in the street to save parking spots after shoveling.

“Which is really an unneighborly, selfish act, so we wanted to counter balance that with a neighborly, kind, civil act. That involves shoveling the sidewalk of your neighbor, especially those who might have a physical disability or who are elderly and cannot do it themselves,” Hopkins said.

The gerrymandered map of Chicago’s 2nd Ward (photo provided by Alderman Brian Hopkins website)

He said he received a great response last year. The gerrymandered map of the 2nd Ward inherited by Hopkins cover portions of twelve neighborhoods from the Gold Coast to Ukrainian Village.

Residents can sign up to shovel at Alderman Hopkins website.