CHICAGO (CBS) — During this time of the year many are watching videos of Santa or Rudolph or certain a snowman, but this a story about a real grinch – actually two grinches – working in tandem, caught on camera, stealing Christmas from a Chicago family.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has more about the video that is going viral.

Home surveillance video captures a man climbing the steps, as his partner walking in the alley say “get them all.” He does, grabbing several packages and taking off.

“I just was very upset because I knew it ruined someone’s Christmas,” said representative Jaime Andrade.

The homeowner said the thieves made off with mostly children’s toys and other Christmas gifts.

CBS: Did it strike you as kind of brazen?

“Absolutely,” Andrade said.

After representative Jaime Andrade posted the video on his Facebook page, neighbors were quick to comment.

“I started getting ‘oh it happened to me too,’ ‘oh that’s by my house,’ ‘oh I’ve seen those neighbors, I’ve seen that person.’ So we are optimistic that we are going to catch them,” he said.

After receiving nearly 100 comments, 169 shares and 17,000 views Andrade said he has numerous tips to share with police.

Later in the surveillance video, the thieves can be seen pulling a cart with a suitcase down the alley.

“It looks like they are doing this probably through the whole neighborhood and they walk through the neighborhood, probably throw the boxes away and put the stuff in the luggage and in the cart,” Andrade said.

Andrade’s warning: neighbors are watching.

Police confirm other package thefts in the neighborhood, in fact another that very same day. Andrade hopes the video will help put the thieves out of business.

The residents who were ripped off did not want to be shown on camera, but did want to warn neighbors about what is going on in Albany Park.

Representative Andrade is welcoming people to have packages mailed to his office for security.