By Chris Emma-

(670 The Score) With one week to go in the regular season, the Chicago Bears are in line to pick ninth overall in the NFL Draft in April.

Though the Bears’ record (5-10) is even with that of the Broncos, Jets and 49ers, their strength of schedule is at .558. The Jets and 49ers are even at .521, which would cause a coin flip for the seventh pick. The Broncos have an opponents’ winning percentage of .421, which would slot them sixth overall.

With a loss to the Vikings in Minneapolis on Sunday, the Bears would at the least solidify a place inside the top 10. A win could push them back as far as the 12th pick.

The Browns (0-15) secured the first overall pick with their loss to the Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday. The Giants (2-13) would pick second, followed by the Colts (3-12), Browns (via the Texans) and Buccaneers (4-11).

The Bears last picked outside the top 10 in 2014, when they selected Kyle Fuller with the 14th overall pick. Chicago was slotted with the 11th pick in 2016 but traded up to the ninth pick and drafted linebacker Leonard Floyd.

Last April, the Bears were slotted with the third overall pick but traded three selections to move up a spot and draft rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The team could look for playmakers to benefit Trubisky during its next draft.

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