CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Some scammers are trying to take advantage of the cold weather to cheat people.

Steve Bernas of the Better Business Bureau says one scam involves someone coming to your door and offering to help with heat problems, frozen pipes or other cold-related issues with your residence.

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“Anybody coming to your house knocking on your door, or just picking somebody at random in the phone book, is not a good idea this time of year,” he said.

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Bernas says another scam includes people posing as workers from the gas or electric company, calling potential victims and threatening to cut off their service unless they pay an overdue bill within 30 minutes.

“The only thing you should pay in 30 minutes is a pizza! Other than that, it’s a scam.”

In some cases, the scammers can manipulate caller ID to make it appear like they are calling from the utility company.

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According to Bernas, you shouldn’t agree to have any repair work done until you’ve had a chance to see if the contractor or company is legitimate.