By Mary Kay Kleist

(CBS) — Now that we’ve had some fun with snow and bitterly cold temperatures, it gets measurably worse for the Chicago region.

This is the tundra-like scene at the Chicago River on Friday. (courtesy: Steffanie Dupree)

Saturday’s “high” temperature, not counting wind chill, is expected to be 6 degrees Fahrenheit, CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist reports. With windchill, it could easily feel like 10 or 20 below zero — a far cry from the normal late December temperature of 32 degrees, Kleist adds.

This is how the holiday weekend is shaping up, according to the latest forecast model. (CBS)

The deep chill follows another round of snow flurries in the Chicago region Friday afternoon, right in time for the holiday-weekend rush hour.

Relief will only be relative. Sunday will warm to double-digits — a high of 13 degrees — but snow returns that day. Monday, New Year’s Day, is expected to have a high of 8 degrees.


Mary Kay Kleist