CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — After she lost her son to gun violence in 2006, a Chicago woman helped create a group for parents in similar situations. Sunday, that group called on the City to wake up and fight the problem.

Pamela Bosley said Chicagoans are desensitized to gun violence.

“People will be like, ‘well, only one person got shot today.’ This shouldn’t be the norm. This should not be acceptable.”

The problem hits close to home for Bosley, who’s son was killed in 2006.

“Terrell would have been 30 on January 5th,” Bosley said. “So my family, instead of celebrating his birthday, we have to go to the cemetery and take balloons. That hurts. You have so many parents going through this and it seems like nobody cares.”

A group that certainly does care is Purpose Over Pain. Bosley is the co-founder of the organization, which called for change outside Saint Sabina Church. She said common sense gun measures are a start, but you don’t have to be a lawmaker to make a difference.

“People can just come into the community and start mentoring our young people,” Bosley said. “Let them know that people care for them. Start investing in the communities that the violence is increasing in.”