(670 The Score) While celebrating a big day, both general manager Ryan Pace and new coach Matt Nagy were careful to not set any quantifiable expectations for the 2018 Bears at Nagy’s introductory press conference Tuesday.

Later, Nagy shed more light on that. Asked on the Bernstein and Goff Show if it’s “unfair” to hold the Bears to a playoff standard right away, Nagy confirmed it was.

“I think so right now,” Nagy said. “Just because we don’t know exactly — and that’s honesty right there as far as knowing this roster up and down. I can’t say I know it up and down. I just got done playing a 16-game season plus a playoff game with the Chiefs, so I know the roster pretty well, but to say I know it up and down and the ins and outs of it, that’s what Ryan and I are about to do in another two hours here.”

Instead, Nagy believes the primary goal should be creating a culture marked by trust. If the Bears accomplish that, he believes success will follow.

“I try to keep it real simple, and I think culture equals trust,” Nagy said. “When you don’t have trust within your organization — it can be anybody, it can be your defensive end that doesn’t trust your defensive line coach — there’s friction and it’s broken. In order to have good culture, you have to have people that trust each other that are honest and accountable. When have that, normally good things happen. Communication is big. It’s easy to say we need to have a good culture, but they brought me in here for a reason. One of my first first objectives is to change the culture.”

Nagy confirmed that during interviews with Bears brass, the talk never focused around “Super Bowl” or “championship.”

“That falls into the expectations category,” Nagy said. “Every team in the NFL that you talk to, it’s common sense that you want to win the Super Bowl. We understand that. That’s why you do what you do. But there’s a path you need to take to get to that point, and it all starts with the culture. Right now our focus is on that, and the Super Bowl comes when you do that stuff the right way.”