CHICAGO (CBS) — An elderly woman was attacked during a home invasion Monday morning in unincorporated West Chicago.

A man thought to be in his 30s or 40s attacked the woman around 5 a.m. at her home near Ethel Street and Hickory Lane.

“Suddenly there was a face over my face, and I got pulled out of bed and that’s how I got banged up,” Kathy Fermo told CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar exclusively. “He just said, ‘if you call the cops, I’ll kill you.'”

Police are asking residents in the area to check their yards for any items the suspect may have dropped while fleeing the area, and for anyone with a home surveillance system to review its footage. (Photo: CBS)

Every part of her home was ransacked, turned upside down and left in disarray.

“I know that there’s probably jewelry missing,” Fermo noted. “They say he got in through the lower level where there’s a door, which the police say was unlocked. I haven’t used that door in years.”

The back door is also how the man got away, running through several backyards, according to the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office.

“Of all people, why? You are clearly going for an easy target and that’s unfortunate,” said Vanessa Viola-Benhart, the victim’s neighbor. “It just shows how careless and how horrible of a person you are, and the world doesn’t need people like that.” (Photo: CBS)

“As soon as I thought he was gone, I ran downstairs and started screaming for help,” Fermo said.

A neighbor rushed over, finding Fermo bruised and battered.

“I have lots of bruise marks on both arms and on one side of my face,” she said. “My stomach is jumping. I haven’t been in this house since this happened, and I’m not real fond of the idea.”

Along with jewelry, the suspect allegedly got away with cash and credit cards.

Fermo has lived in that residence for over four-decades without issue.

Police are still looking for the man who broke in. Anyone with information should call the sheriff’s office (630) 407-2400.