(WBBM Newsradio) — Authorities in Northwest Indiana have released security camera footage that appears to show a woman attempt to sell cocaine from her downtown business late last year.

The nearly 47-minute video posted by the Northwest Indiana Times shows a woman pick up an order of food from Broad Street Gyros in Griffith in late November.

Griffith Police Cmdr. Keith Martin said before she could even get home and open the bag, the woman received frantic calls from the business.

“The people actually looked in their bag and found an extra container,” Martin tells WBBM Newsradio. “That contained a white, powdery substance which we later tested and tested positive for cocaine.”

The frantic calls to the customer came from 50-year-old Carrie Demoff, who is seen wandering through her gyro shop in the video.

restaurant Fast Food Customer Finds Extra Item In Bag: Cocaine

Carrie Demoff (Lake County Indiana Sheriff)

“She comes directly from her office, comes up to the food preparation area in the kitchen and puts something in a container. She puts a lid on it and puts it into a bag. I think the average citizen is going to say ‘Yeah, something there’s not right.'”

Once she allegedly realizes the drugs went to the wrong customer, Demoff is seen yelling at a co-worker and frantically calling the customer.

She’s been charged with possession and attempted dealing of cocaine and is currently free on bond.

As for her business?

“It’s not expected to be re-opened,” Cmdr. Martin says.

A detailed account of the video can be found at the Times’ website.